Understand Clock

How to read clock & Exercises

  • Clock Face

    Clock Face only

  • Understand Hour

    Learn how to read hour from clock.

  • Understand Minute

    Learn how to read minute from clock

  • Clock with second hand

    Learn how to read second from clock

  • How many times passed

    from time to time, how many minutes passed, or hours

  • 24 Hour Clock

    Learn 24 hour on clock

    Under construction...

  • Roman Style Clock

    Learn roman number from clock

    Under construction...

  • When Minute Chases Hour

    Hour hand and minute hand are all running in a circle. How many times minute hand will go ahead of hour hand in 12 hours?

    Under construction...

  • Fun fact of digital Clock

    How digital clock work when out of battery

    Under construction...

  • Clock for universe traveler

    How clock change when traveling around the universe

    Under construction...