Understand Clock

How to read clock & Exercises

  • Analog and digital clocks

    Analog clocks divide hours into 12 parts; digital ones showcase time as HH:MM in 24-hour format or AM/PM in 12-hour.

  • Reading the Hour on a Clock

    Learn to read the hour on a clock's hour hand, from 1 to 12, often aligned with specific numbers or positions.

  • How to Read the Minute on a Clock

    Learn to decipher the minutes using the "count by 5" method on the clock's longer hand. Explore various time expressions and enhance your skills with interactive quizzes.

  • Reading the Second Hand

    Understand how to interpret the second hand on a clock. It moves quickly, with each division representing 5 seconds and each small step indicating 1 second.

  • Understanding 24-Hour Time Display

    Learn to read 24-hour time, the nuances of digital clocks in 12 and 24-hour modes, and distinguishing noon from midnight.

  • Calculating Elapsed Time

    Learn to calculate time intervals between clocks, including AM/PM nuances and situations spanning different days.

  • Roman Style Clock

    Learn roman number from clock

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  • When Minute Chases Hour

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  • Fun fact of digital Clock

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  • Clock for universe traveler

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